film battle of dukla

film battle of dukla

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The Battle of the Dukla Pass, also known as the Dukla / Carpatho-Dukla / Rzeszów-Dukla / Dukla-Prešov Offensive was the battle for control over the Dukla Pass . The film is largely a propaganda film, depicting actions of the 1st Czechoslovak Independent Tank Armoured Brigade, with Soviet forces, who both fought their way to the Czechoslovak border, and participated in the Battle of the Dukla Pass. Prior to the 1960s , the only Czech film to transcend national boundaries was. and the glorious fraternity of Czechs , Slovaks and Soviets at the Battle of Dukla . We visited the 'Valley of Death' as part of a tour of the Dukla Pass battle sites. The museum in the town of Svidnik begins with a 20 minute film which set the . The film tells the story of the First Czechoslovak Army Corps's tank brigade and its role in two key events of World War II: the 1944 Battle of the Dukla Pass and . The film is depicting Czechoslovak tank brigade fighting along with the Red Army in the. sergeant Juraj Klimke was followed during the bloody battle at Dukla.. Vojtěch, 217–218 Dukla Pass, Battle of 274,276,281, 341n 43 Eger/Cheb, 49, 52.


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